Our Whale Watching Photo Shoot

Annually, the killer Whales move around 4,000 miles, From their feeding area in Alaska, to mate in Seattle’s cozy waters.

During mating season, killer Whales are more active resulting in elevated surface levels makings Seattle a popular destination for whale viewing. The breaching and tail splashes make Seattle a great place to view whales.

As a Seattle native and also a avid boater, I have 5 simple pointers that will assist you in getting the most out of your Seattle whale watching journey. So before planning your next Seattle holiday, take these ideas and you might have a remarkable whale experience!

1. Be strategic

If you intended a Seattle trip during this time, you need to have no issue identifying whales. Peak Seattle whale watching season happens during February as well as March.

2. Browse the islands

The San Juans and Orcas Island are the most preferred islands for orca whale tours in Seattle. Decide to visit one of these islands on your vacation. If you are going to the Puget Sound, you could see whales there as well, they simply will not be as plentiful.

3. Plan A Watercraft Trip

Seattle whale watching trips are suitable for seeing these amazing animals in their native environment. You will get to see each whale in their beautiful natural waters.

Boat trips are readily available leaving from Friday Harbour numerous times throughout the day. On the San Juan’s as well as Bainbrdge Island, whale-watching possibilities are plentiful with a full routine of trips given by experienced guides.

In Seattle, whale watching is an enthusiastic task. Like with most outdoors activities, there are guidelines. Onlookers may not come close to by vessel or by swimming within 100 yards of a whale (understood as the 100-yard minimum rule). There is no regulation that maintains whales from coming close to individuals.

5. Save the whales

The orca whale nearly involved termination in 1966 after mass commercial whaling during the early 20th century. Today there are roughly 30,000 to 40,000 orcas worldwide. Federal regulations secure them, but there are things we can all do that can help maintain this fantastic creature for future generations.

* Keep beaches and waters clean and also debris-free
* Participate only in accountable whale watching programs
* Support efforts to stop prohibited whaling
* Support regulations, research as well as preservation programs
* Purchase from green business as well as organizations

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Whale Watching Tours

You can check out e-books concerning whales, however with numerous possibilities to see them up-close and personal, there’s no reason why you should not start planning your Seattle whale watching tours now. It’s fun, it’s very easy and it’s a great experience for the entire family.